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Job Dream

Have you changed? Your job started out being what you wanted, but today it is different. Maybe you thought of it as a jumping place to a better job in the future, but you have been here 5 plus years. it is a fact that your dream job is waiting on you, so don't continue in a miserable job, boring or basically unsatisfying, even questionable for basic survival. Your time is NOW to get out! Satisfaction & fulfillment is your aim, not being in a "make do" position for an extended period! Wh........ Read More

Dream Job

Have you ever thought back to some of the advice that you were given by your parents and realized that they knew what they were talking about? My parents owned a dairy farm that they worked very hard to pay for. They never made enough money to pay their bills from the farm alone so they also worked full time jobs away from the farm. I could not understand where they got the passion and energy to devote to this endeavor. My parents would always tell me that anything that you dreamed about was wor........ Read More

How To Find Your Dream Job

When you were a child or a teenager, did you dream of what you would be when you grew up? Most of us had dreams when we were young, but how many of us actually fulfil them? Most of us set our dreams aside when reality kicks in and unfortunately for many, those dreams stay buried forever. Although the dream may be buried, the feeling that things could be different, that there must be more to life, never really goes away. So, it’s not surprising to find you have reached a point in life where yo........ Read More

How To Find The Tour Guide Job Of Your Dreams

Have you always dreamed of traveling to interesting places and getting paid to do so? As a professional tour guide or tour director, this dream can become a reality. But how do you get started as a tour guide? How do you find travel jobs? Where is work available for this type of work? Below are some helpful tips to help you find the tour guide job of your dreams. What is a Tour Guide? Before seeking a job in this field, you should have a clear understanding of the job and its requirements......... Read More

10 Resume Writing Tips To Land You Your Dream Job

Imagine yourself sitting in an employer's desk with hundreds of resumes falling in on your desk against a vacancy declared by you in your company. Number of vacancy - 1, and number of applicants - innumerable. As an employer it is your responsibility to select the most deserving, suitable and competent candidate. So it is up to the candidate to snatch the employer's attention out of those hundreds of resume application. As such, writing a resume is all about knowing what employers specifical........ Read More

10 Steps To Getting Your Dream Job In Film Special Effects

Getting a break in film special effects is hard, but not as hard as you may think. The following ten things will go a long way to help you achieve your dream job. 1) Understand the Industry If you want to work in special effects, it’s important not just to know the difference between a Stag (stagehand) and a Director, but know how special effects itself is divided up. Long gone are the days when Ray Harryhausen (Jason and the Argonauts) would lock himself in a shed with a small team of pe........ Read More

Tips For Getting Your Dream Job

No one wants to toil out the majority of their days in a job that pays poorly and from which you derive no sense of joy or satisfaction. Most of us dream of a job in one field or another that allows us to live comfortably and still have a sense of accomplishment and a fulfillment of purpose at the end of the day. The good news is, those jobs are out there, but you will have to follow some basic rules in order to land the job of your dreams. The first tip for getting that perfect job is to decid........ Read More

Finding The Dream Job By Having A Solid Resume

Without those interviews, you will not be getting any offers. So in order to achieve this goal of getting a job offer, the compressed biography of your achievements must be stellar. Keep in mind that this is a summary of your achievements, not of your life story. Most importantly, write a well organized, concise CV. In working towards this goal, keep in mind the goal of your resume. This goal is to get you an interview. Be sure that your resume stays within those boundaries and is a neat a........ Read More

Teens Need Math To Land Dream Jobs

What do doctors, lawyers and architects have in common? For one, they are among teens' hottest career choices. They also require a significant understanding of math at work every day. Despite this, many teens are not motivated to take advanced math classes to help them prepare for success in these future careers. A telephone survey of 1,000 12- to 17-year-olds commissioned by Texas Instruments revealed that four out of five teenagers believe math is important for achieving their goals of being........ Read More

Internet Home Business - Your Dream Job

1. Why the Internet home based business is a great option Internet home businesses have been around for a years, but now they're becoming more popular as more people would like to have the freedom of working from comfort of their own home without a boss standing behind and taking control of everything. People want to make money while they sleep or they are out of home traveling and keeping in mind that cash keeps flowing in even when they aren't working at the moment. Many people think tha........ Read More


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