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Job Applications In A Week

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You are just seven steps away from getting the job you want

Job Applications In A Week is a simple and straightforward guide to getting your dream job, giving you everything you really need to know in just seven short chapters. From CVs, cover letters and application forms, to interviews, getting shortlisted and tackling tough questions, you'll discover how to get employers

Getting hired just got easier

You are about to discover everything you need to know about job applications and how to make them work. Starting on Sunday and going through to Saturday, you will learn the stages of a job application step by step so you build up a picture of what it takes to be successful. For many job applicants, what goes on behind employers' closed doors remains a hidden world but, by Saturday, you will have taught yourself how job applications are processed, what employers look for when they make up interview lists, and then, from the candidates they interview, who to shortlist and who to offer the job to.

After considering what employers want and how you could meet their needs you will be able to formulate a plan for what needs to go into your CV, what you need to put in your cover letters and what you need to say about yourself on application forms. You will discover how to measure up the competition and how to make sure your name, and not someone else's, is on the interview list.

You will also discover the importance of getting the right messages across in interviews - and what the right messages are. You will learn how to dictate the interview agenda to keep it on familiar territory where the best parts of your application will come out. You will learn to handle tough interview questions and to see what's behind them and what answers will impress the interviewer most. Once you've been shortlisted, you'll discover how to steer your application over the last hurdle and get the job offer you want.

  • Sunday: Defining the task
  • Monday: You and the image you present
  • Tuesday: Selection criteria
  • Wednesday: Getting interviews
  • Thursday: Going for interviews
  • Friday: Handling questions
  • Saturday: Getting shortlisted
About the Author

Patricia Scudamore and Hilton Catt have many years' experience of working in recruitment, enabling them to offer the perspective of both employer and candidate. They have written more than 25 books based on their experience of what it takes to make careers work in today's rapidly changing and uncertain world. They were among the first to embrace the idea of people taking on the job of managing their own careers rather than leaving it to employers to do the thinking for them.

They have seen for themselves the richness and diversity of modern careers, and exploiting this richness and diversity to the full is one of the central themes in their work. They have written a number of other books in the Teach Yourself series.

Solar Cell Technology And Applications

RRP $329.99

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Energy experts predict that wholesale electricity prices could easily rise 35 to 65 percent by 2015. Add to this the growing need for energy independence and the need to reduce carbon emissions and it is very clear that the development of low-cost renewable energy, such as solar energy, is essential for our economy and our national security. With the potential for low-cost, renewable energy that can create jobs while reducing our dependency on foreign oil, solar cell technology provides a very attractive and plausible option.

Presenting a well-balanced mix of theory and applications, Solar Cell Technology and Applications addresses critical design aspects representing cutting-edge solar cell technology. It offers complete coverage of the latest advances in the field, including low-cost, high-efficiency elements and the latest approaches in solar cell designs. The book discusses:

  • Performance parameters and cost projections for cells and complete solar energy systems
  • Important properties of the semiconductor and compound materials best suited for the fabrication of solar cells
  • Techniques for performance improvements in solar cells and panels-emphasizing cost, reliability, and longevity
  • Integration of organic dye technology in the development of solar devices
  • Mathematical expressions and their derivations-highlighting performance enhancement

Using conventional nomenclature, a consistent set of symbols, and identical units for ease of comprehension, this time-saving resource supplies pioneering engineers, research scientists, professors, and students with the understanding needed to spark the advancements that must be made to maximize the economic and environmental benefits of this relatively untapped and abundant renewable energy resource.

Computer Science Applications

RRP $408.99

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"Computer Science Applications: Object Oriented Programming "is a comprehensive anthology of reference articles for first and second semester Computer Science courses. These articles, drawn from a wide variety of sources and experiences, include detailed discussions, explanations and examples that deliver an engaging learning experience for students. Using high-level concepts, rather than simply focusing on the syntax of Java, this text delivers a complete and in-depth coverage of all the essential topics typically found in the CS1 and CS2 syllabi."Computer Science Applications" is divided into seven sections, each prefaced by an overview of the topic:
- Classes and Objects
- Inheritance and Polymorphism
- Problem Solving Before Programming
- Java Statements
- Exception and Exception Handling
- Data Structure and Algorithms
- Job Prospects and Career Path

Joslyn A. Smith graduated from The Mico Teachers' College, Jamaica, in 1973. He furthered his studies at Central Connecticut State University, USA, where he earned his BS and MS degrees in Mathematics in 1983. He also earned an MS degree in Computer Science from the University of New Brunswick, Canada in 1994. Mr. Smith then joined the staff at the University of the West Indies, Jamaica where he lectured in Computer Science for 14 years. He currently teaches Computer Science at Florida International University (FIU).

How To Find A Job

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Are you looking for a job or seeking to change your employment? If things don't work out as expected, maybe there's something wrong with your resume and cover letter. Perhaps you're not presenting yourself to your best advantage. "How to find a job" will show you how to polish your resume and cover letter to perfection, give you interview tips. Perhaps you want to work from home or just earn some extra cash. "How to find a job" will show you the way.

Injectable Polymeric Hydrogels For Biomedical Applications

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Polymeric biomaterials have been used extensively in medical, personal care, and other applications. The book will emphasize the design of polymers and their potential use in medicine and specifically those designed as scaffolds for use in tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, drug delivery, and immunotherapy.  The author draws on his contribution to research in the biomedical field which includes: synthesis, modification, and characterization of naturally- derived and synthetic polymers, biomaterials design-incorporation of the appropriate chemical, physical, and mechanical/structural properties to guide cells and tissue organization; cell/scaffold integration-inclusion into the biomaterial scaffold of either cells for transplantation or biomolecules to attract cells, including stem cells, from the host to promote integration with the tissue after implantation, and biomolecules delivery-inclusion of growth factors and/or small molecules or peptides that promote cell survival, cell recruitment and stimulation, cell reprogrammation, and tissue regeneration.


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